getting back up after a fall

I thought this time was the time that I would finally not slip up. I would consistently work out and eat the way I know I should. The knowledge of what to do fitness wise has never been my problem - following through has always been my struggle. This time I found a great gym,… Continue reading getting back up after a fall


New Year, New You

Tis the season of resolutions. I don't actually believe in resolutions because I think that you should always be working to better yourself BUT I am focusing on taking better care of myself. This school year has been HARD. I haven't been taking care of myself because I've been so stressed, which only makes me… Continue reading New Year, New You

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Weekend Recap

Weekends can seriously derail any fitness goals you have. This past week I went to Charlotte, NC with some friends to see a Fleetwood Mac Cover Band and I honestly did much better than I thought I would. Saturday I woke up late (!!!) and realized that I forgot to bring my prepped breakfast sandwiches… Continue reading Weekend Recap

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Sangria Spritzer

I love wine. Red wine has a lot of great health properties such as helping to prevent heart attacks when consumed in moderation. On a warm (let's be real -- hot) summer day I love to relax with a big glass of wine. However, a big glass of wine is easily over 250 calories so… Continue reading Sangria Spritzer