Dinner Time

Orange Chik’n with Fried Rice & Mandarin Oranges

This week has been super stressful because of exams and I feel like I haven't eaten a real meal in days.  I finally was able to go grocery shopping, so I wanted to make something easy, healthy and delicious. I made Orange Chik'n with veggies, brown fried rice and paired it with 1/3 cup mandarin… Continue reading Orange Chik’n with Fried Rice & Mandarin Oranges

Dinner Time

Vegetarian Spaghetti Bake

Today was not a fun day (I really hate registering for classes) so I want comfort food for dinner. Up until dinner, I have been doing great about well today, so I decided that I'd remake something comforting. While this might not be considered comfort food to you guys, but when I have a bad… Continue reading Vegetarian Spaghetti Bake