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Weekend Recap

Weekends can seriously derail any fitness goals you have. This past week I went to Charlotte, NC with some friends to see a Fleetwood Mac Cover Band and I honestly did much better than I thought I would.

Saturday I woke up late (!!!) and realized that I forgot to bring my prepped breakfast sandwiches to my in-laws’ house (we are house sitting for two weeks) and didn’t have enough time to make coffee. It was a rough start to the day but I was able to make smart choices when we stopped.


In addition to this yogurt I grabbed powerbar to eat later in the day when/if I needed a snack. I’ll be real – it’s usually a when, not an if when it comes to a snack.

Even though the concert wasn’t until 8 we drove up early to play a round of disc golf in Charlotte. We played Renaissance Park and it is one of the prettiest parks I’ve played at. It had a lot of wooden bridges and was mainly in the woods so it definitely felt like a hike. There was also some kind of wooden structure that I climbed and a bunch of beautiful flowers. I would definitely go back even though I lost my leopard. Unfortunately I forgot to pack my fitbit charger and it died during our round. 6k steps before two o’clock isn’t bad so I’m confident I hit my step goal.

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After disc golf we all got cleaned up and headed closer to the venue. We stopped to eat and my friends choose pizza. I was dreading it because my cheat day is usually Sunday and it was Saturday. However, when I looked at the menu I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up getting cauliflower pizza. It was delicious but I had to guess on the nutrition facts. Either way, I know it was a healthier choice than regular pizza. 20170715_184832

After we ate we went to the venue. The band was Rumours ATL and they were amazing! 10/10 would see them again. After the show was over we went to the Epicenter and literally followed the music. We ended up at the Tin Roof and I danced while the rest of the group played darts. The live music was awesome. They played the biggest variety of music I’ve experience before. He literally went from “I want it that away” to “Friends in Low Places” to “Love Yourself” to “Wonderwall” to “Bad & Boujee.” All in all, it was a great night. Sunday we drove back home and I stayed in bed and Netflixed.

Which means…Meal Prep MONDAY instead of my usual Sunday. Hope you all have a fantastic week.


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